Phone: 641.485.7625
Email: [email protected]

Newton Location
1000 East 12th St S
Newton, IA 50208

Grinnell Location
1331 Hobart St
Grinnell, IA 50112

Brooklyn Location
603 North Clay St
Brooklyn, IA 52211


  1. Address the instructors and seniors as Mr./Miss/Pastor, etc.
  2. Keep uniforms clean and in good repair to enhance self-respect and respect
    for the organization.
  3. Do not wear jewelry during workouts. If you have a ring that will not come
    off, please turn it rough side inward and cover with tape.
  4. Pay class fees promptly and testing fees before testing.
  5. Do not spar unless supervised by an instructor or qualified high rank.
  6. Do gentle flexibility exercises prior to class to warm up and loosen joints
    and tendons.
  7. Do not wear a uniform out of class without special permission.

Do not be concerned about asking questions in or after class, but remember that you are sharing time with other students. If you feel pain in muscles or joints for ANY REASON, be sure to tell your instructor. Do not eat for an hour and a half before class. Tell your instructor if you are taking any doctor prescribed drugs or medicines. (even antibiotics can affect your performance in class).

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